FAIRmat Community Meets Technology Partners Workshops

Community agrees on NXmpes

Photoelectron spectroscopy users from several research institutes and technology partners from industry came together in a workshop on 11-12 May 2023 organized by FAIRmat.

This was our second community meets technology partners workshop, after the successful ellipsometry meeting in September 2022. The hybrid event provided an opportunity to discuss FAIR data management and the specific technical solutions developed within FAIRmat for standardizing data and metadata storage and exchange in photoelectron spectroscopy experiments.

This kick-off event successfully aligned the scientific photoelectron spectroscopy community and its technology partners towards the goal of FAIR data handling. We had a broad discussion on the general process of standardization and reviewed in detail the application definition for multidimensional photoelectron spectroscopy, NXmpes, which is being developed within FAIRmat for the NeXus standard, a community standardization platform with a controlled vocabulary and defined relations between hierarchically organized entries. The application definition has already been accepted by the NeXus International Advisory Committee (NIAC) and released as a contributed definition. Following up on this kick-off meeting, suggestions for improvements are still being collected and the discussions with the technology partners will continue in September. Our technology partners are also interested in extending the scope and start collaborating in a VAMAS projects on industry standards for ISO, DIN. Future topics will include a common effort on further refinement of the NXmpes definition based on community feedback and the deveelopment of derived specialized experiment application definitions, e.g., for XPS, ARPES, liquidjet photoelectron spectroscopy, and time-resolved techniques.

It was great to see the strong interest of photoelectron spectroscopy users along with their technology partners on developing standards. FAIRmat is happy to celebrate the success of the second workshop in our “Community Meets Technology Partners” series and will promote similar interactions and discussions with the scientific and industrial communityon FAIR data management and standardisation for other experimental fields and a wider range of the German materials science community


View our speakers' slides here .