NOMAD Oasis allows you to benefit from NOMAD's data management features within the premises of your organisation. Before you publish data on NOMAD, manage your data in your Oasis!

NOMAD and NOMAD Oasis are the same software operated at different places. Install NOMAD on a server in your institute and start managing your data.

Why use NOMAD Oasis?
The building blocks for FAIRmat

NOMAD is the software used in FAIRmat, the NFDI data infrastructure for condensed-matter physics and the chemical physics of solids. FAIRmat builds a network of research institutes and organisations to build a distributed infrastructure for FAIR data. With NOMAD Oasis you can came become a part of this network; collaborate by sharing your data; and eventually publish your research data on NOMAD.

Operating local independent NOMAD Oases allows each lab to adapt NOMAD to its particular needs without requirering immediate changes of centralized infrastructure components. This gives FAIRmat the chance to grow beyond a top-down approach to data management and provides each member the oppotunity to freely shape data management in their field.

Each Oasis is unique. You can develop and use your own parsers to support your novel formats, run your tools within its JupyterHUB based NORTH, create your own schemas and structured ELNs, or let your instrument put data into NOMAD via our API.

How to get an Oasis?
NOMAD Oasis is used by research groups at: