The Novel Materials Discovery (NOMAD) Laboratory
is making materials science data FAIR
NOMAD provides the infrastructure implementation for FAIRmat.
FAIRmat is the NFDI consortium for Condensed-Matter Physics and the Chemical Physics of Solids
NOMAD includes data from these and other databases:
Manage your groups research data locally with NOMAD Oasis.
What is NOMAD?
The central NOMAD service that any one can use to publish data.

This is the NOMAD most people know. It contains over 12 million published entries from over 500 researchers.

You can prepare data and collaborate with other before publication or you can publish with an embargo. The amount of unpublished uploads will be limited. The central NOMAD is about published data.

What is NOMAD Oasis?
A local installation of NOMAD that you can use to manage your data before publication.

The software that runs NOMAD is Open-Source and can be installed locally. We call this the NOMAD Oasis.

On your Oasis, you can manage as many unpublished data as you can store. You can incrementally collect data, analyse, customize your installation, and develop new features.

NOMAD supports a wide range of materials science data
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NOMAD Oasis is used by research groups at: