FAIRmat hands-on tutorial

FAIRmat hands-on tutorial

April 26: FAIRmat tutorial "Plugins: Python schemas and parsers"

We are excited to announce our upcoming FAIRmat tutorial on extending NOMAD and NOMAD Oasis.

NOMAD is a research data management platform for materials science. NOMAD Oasis allows you to operate the popular NOMAD service for your own lab, with your rules, and on your resources. You can adopt NOMAD Oasis to implement your institutes data policies and to work with your specific data types and workflows.

This tutorial aims to introduce participants to the new plugin mechanism in NOMAD and teach them how to develop and integrate their own Python schemas and parsers to a NOMAD Oasis. Plugins enable you to alter how NOMAD processes data and therefore allow for more powerful customisations than the custom schemas presented in past tutorials. Participants will learn how to enable the conversion of new materials science data formats into NOMAD's standardised and machine-readable format. NOMAD plugins can be contributed to the community to further promote reproducibility and transparency in materials science.

published on 03.04.2023