FAIRmat podcasts now online!

FAIRmat podcasts now online!

Listen to the first episode of our series "Pioneers in electronic-structure theory" now

On July 25, 2023, we launched the very first FAIRmat podcast series!

In this series, called Pioneers in electronic-structure theory, the FAIRmat team talks with personalities who were instrumental in the development of methods and codes which have come to be known as electronic-structure theory. This includes pioneering work in density-functional theory and methods beyond to treat many-body effects in ground-state and excitations. For our first episode, Miguel Marques talks with Hardy Groß about the early days of density-functional theory, the development of time-dependent DFT (TDDFT)together with Erich Runge, his days in Santa Barbara with Walter Kohn, and much more.

Find the podcast on YouTube or enjoy the audio-only version on Spotify now, and subscribe to make sure the second episode (coming soon!) appears in your feed.

published on 25.07.2023