FAIR-DI - FAIRmat Colloquium

The FAIR-DI – FAIRmat Colloquium series is dedicated to topics in the broad field of building, operating, enhancing, and using a FAIR data infrastructure for condensed-matter and chemical physics of materials. 


Date Speaker Title
October 7, 2021
10:15 CET
Barend Mons 
Leiden University Medical Center
President of CODATA, GO FAIR international Support and coordination office
How to materialise FAIR
December 2, 2021
10:15 CET
Christoph T. Koch
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Ingredients for effective computer-augmented experimental materials science
April 7, 2022
14:00 CET
Hans-Joachim Bungartz
Technical University of Munich
An Infrastructure for the Infrastructure
Postponed  Elsa A. Olivetti
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Text and Data mining for materials development