SHU-MGI-FAIR-DI Workshop 2021


Date: June 17, 2021

09:00-09:05 CEST

15:00-15:05 (China) Jincang Zhang
/Matthias Scheffler
Opening remarks and workshop group picture
09:05-09:35 CEST 15:05-15:35 (China) Claudia Draxl FAIRmat’s approach to data-centric science
09:35-10:05 CEST 15:35-16:05 (China) Quan Qian Materials data specification and SHU MGI data platform
10:05-10:35 CEST 16:05-16:35 (China) Markus Scheidgen Data infrastructure and the NOMAD oasis
10:35-11:05 CEST 16:35-17:05 (China) Jiong Yang MIP data infrastructure and the Applications in Thermoelectrics
11:05-11:35 CEST 17:05-17:35 (China) Luigi Sbailo NOMAD Artificial Intelligence Toolkit
11:35-12:05 CEST 17:35-18:05 (China) Yi Liu Machine learning accelerated computational and experimental materials design
12:05-12:10 CEST 18:05-18:10 (China) Tongyi Zhang
/Matthias Scheffler
Conclusions and Closing remarks